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American  Folk Artist J.L.Munro

American Artist JL. Munro, is a contemporary self - taught painter who in more than 40 years of work, has achieved a great amount of recognition. Paintings by Munro are listed in many important public and private collections, including the Smithsonian Institution, Museum of American Folk Art, The John and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and the Nantucket Whaling Museum, is to list only a few.

JL. Munro was born in Massachusetts, and her earliest American roots trace back to the first settlers of Cape Cod, Nantucket, and New Amsterdam (New York) in the 1600’s, including direct family lines to the Swain, Dolor Davis, Gardner, Hyde, Eaton, Holmes, and Cook family trees. Munro describes her canvases as “pictorial - history” or that they are paintings with a message - actually read by the viewer, like a page in a book, with a noted focus on the waterfront lives of her own ancestors. Munro’s favorite subjects include her native Massachusetts and New York. Whether it is a bustling town center, a quiet bayside, or illustrating living by the sea, Munro is always striving for realism, and carefully finishes each canvas to tell a story of American History.

JL. Munro - born [Janet Andrea Lehne] 1949 Woburn, MA. Married Charles Eldon Munro 1968 - Three children, 14 grandchildren, and 1 great grand child. Resides in Hyannis, Cape Cod, MA.


"I got married in 1968, and did not go to college after high school. We had three kids right away, and I had a lot of part-time jobs, but I never took a job I couldn't quit. I've been a waitress, housekeeper, baby-sitter, window washer, bakery clerk, flower designer, and hospital EKG technician. I always knew that I was really a painter, and that working for a little money at some other job was temporary, 'till I could get back to my canvases." Today the Munro's make their home on Cape Cod,  Mass.  -   and enjoy their leisure times with family and 14  grandchildren.


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Contemporary American Artist Charles Eldon Munro is a modern painter and sculptor who has achieved a great amount of recognition for his art. Works by Munro are represented in many important public and private collections including: The Smithsonian Institute, Penny Marshall, Kenny Rogers, The Clinton’s, Cliff Robertson, The New Yorker Magazine, Sylvester Stallone to list only a few.


Munro  - Born  - [Charles Eldon Munro II] – Somerville, N.J.  - 1949 – Married -  Janet A. Lehne - 1968 - Three Children --- Today the Munro's make their home on Cape Cod,  Mass.  -   and enjoy their leisure times with family and 14  grandchildren.


Charles Munro is a self taught artist who works in the medium of painted wood and painted mixed media sculpture. Sometimes he makes or carves the wood, and sometimes he finds objects that need painting.

The range of Munro’s creations and inventiveness is constantly extending. He has made large life-size people decorated in found trimmings, ten foot long tables, benches, wardrobes and small ceramic vases, all painted just the way he likes them.

Munro’s work is characterized by a sincere and bold style. His favorite subjects include several themes, notably: American History, animals, the Civil War and sports events.

The lack of formal training in art school has made way for his interest in design rather than optical realism, and he has created an unpretentious approach to making art his own way


Charles Munro’s family history traces back to John Hart, who signed the Declaration of Independence, and his family tree has ancestors on both sides of the Civil War. Charles went right into work after high school and in the last thirty five years, has had many interesting jobs including: glass glazier, carpenter, and dairy farmer.



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